Elementos retóricos e poesia em versões latinas do mito de Ariadne


  • Matheus Trevizam FALE-UFMG
  • Luiza Maria Lopes Mariz FALE-UFMG


This essay attempts to show how Rhetoric and poetry are intertwined in the works of Latin authors. Ariadne’s monologue in Catullus’ Poem 64 contains aspects of epideictic Rhetoric. Ovid used aspects of etopoeia and deliberative Rhetoric to compose the same Ariadne’s speech in Heroides X and Fasti III, 459-516. As a result of the variety of rhetorical genres, these poets were able to poetically complicate the construction of the referenced figure.


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Author Biography

Luiza Maria Lopes Mariz, FALE-UFMG

Graduanda em Letras Clássicas (Latim) pela Faculdade de Letras da UFMG (Belo Horizonte, Brasil).

Bolsista de iniciação científica PIBIC-CNPq., orientada pelo prof. Dr. Matheus Trevizam na FALE.



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Trevizam, M., & Lopes Mariz, L. M. (2023). Elementos retóricos e poesia em versões latinas do mito de Ariadne. Prometheus - Journal of Philosophy, 15(43). Retrieved from https://periodicos.ufs.br/prometeus/article/view/19488



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