Sacrifício, fuga e salvação - Conjunto inovador em Eurípides, Andrómeda


  • Maria de Fátima Silva Universidade de Coimbra


Euripides' Andromeda, whose popularity is supported by the significant number of fragments preserved and by the numerous references made to it – in literary testimonies and plastic representations –, remains an enigma to us. Many details are obscure, apart from a few theatrical resources which, because daring, have merited clear and more or less consensual allusions. Observing the necessary prudence, we intend to focus our analysis from the point of view of the general structure of the plot, which seems to associate two motifs of the poet's preference: human sacrifice and the themes of escape and salvation, well represented in preserved plays, which allows us to establish for each one of them a set of conventional traits. It is in this background that we suggest some possible affinities and innovations in Andromeda.


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