Ordinary Women and Exceptional Women in Classical Greece


  • Izabela Bocayuva UERJ
  • Luiza Savi Universidade Federal Fluminense


This paper aims to give a general overview of the place occupied by women in ancient Greek society, looking in particular at those who stood out from the majority because they had a different place: the Pythagoreans, common prostitutes (pornai), luxury prostitutes (hetairai) and priestesses. The contradiction regarding the role of women, expressed from mythology to philosophical reflections, leads us, in a second moment, to Plato's work and, more specifically, to two women to whom the thinker gave a privileged voice: Aspasia and Diotima.


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Author Biography

Luiza Savi, Universidade Federal Fluminense

Substitute Professor of the Psychology Course at Federal Fluminense University. PhD student in the Postgraduate Program in Psychoanalytic Theory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Graduating in Philosophy from the State University of Rio de Janeiro.



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